Sunday, April 22, 2012

Making Plans for Next Friday Night? How about going to Brooklyn?

Pam Grossman curates what looks to be a very cool exhibit at the Observatory on Friday night: Sigils and Signs. The featured "artists explore what is means to be a magician in the modern age: to emblazon sigils upon the energy field; to make magic marks."
Grossman created Phantasmaphile, a visual and informational meal of art eerie and wonderful. Perhaps the site "specializes in art and culture with an esoteric or fantastical bent," but I like focusing on the eerie stuff.

Here's a teaser from the exhibit website:

. . . artists who, quite literally, created spells via drawings on the floor, scrawls in books, lines cut into wood or stone.  Though the featured players of this story are often English magicians from John Dee to Austin Osman Spare to Alan Moore, symbol-based magic can be traced back through the ages and across cultures.  Germanic runes were carved. . .

Fascinated? Me too. The exhibit runs through June 17th.

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